Characters and Costumes

Welcome to Encantadia

Enchanting is the word, indeed, as members of the media and special guests were ushered into the magical realm of Encantadia during a press
conference Tuesday evening.

Warriors clothed in full war regalia set the tone for the evening. Swords clashing to the tune of battle cries entertained the media before they were invited to enter the huge studio that currently house the show's sets. The same soldiers acted as ushers upon entering their domain.

Details of the costume designs, the puppet drawings and the like were displayed along the walls that roughly tell how much effort has been put into this production. Director Mark Reyes acted as the tour guide, giving the guests an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse of this fantasy world.

Banak and Nakba looked adorable as they greeted the media. Making the land of Encantadia even more interesting are these lovable creatures from Adamya. There was also Awoo and Imaw. The use of animated puppets is a first in Philippine television history.

It is obviously GMA's biggest and most ambitious production to date. The story of the four gems and the struggle for the peace of the land is riveting enough. Add the sheer scale of the production and attention to details, any jaded viewer will be suitably in awe.

However, it is not the precious stones that will truly captivate everyone's fancy. Even more riveting are the beautiful muses of each kingdom that are the true jewels of this show: Sunshine Dizon as Pirena, Iza Calzado as Amihan, Karylle as Alena and Diana Zubiri as Danaya. They were introduced and presented to the guests in elaborate
costumes. Dawn Zulueta as Ynang Reyna outshone everyone as she quietly showed her fairy-like demeanor. The brave warriors of Adamia, played by Ding Dong Dantes, Polo Ravales and others majestically captured the ladies' fancy.

The story will revolve around the classic struggle between love and hate, power and helplessness, friendship and betrayal that will shape the various facets of this tale. So, enter Encantadia, the Filipino fantasy that has come to life.

Encantadia will air beginning May 2 during GMA's primetime Telebabad block. [source]


  1. While Lynn is not yet the episode-guide writer, I'll post a real quick summary of episodes 2 and 3.

    - Episode 2.

    Amihan is brought to Lireo by Aquil and his companion. Imaw tells her that Encantadia is real and that the queen wants to see her. Inang Reyna meets Amihan in the throne room and says she is her mother. Pirena enters and refuses to accept Amihan as her sister, but her mother convinces her to do so.

    Gurna, Pirena's lady-in-waiting, brainwashes her charge and tells her she must hate Amihan for the Queen loves her more than Pirena. Pirena wants to become queen and she does not want any rivals. Meanwhile, the Queen admonishes Amihan to give up the sword and live a peaceful life if she wants to ascend to the throne.

    Amihan meets her other sisters, Alena and Danaya, and the animal Awoo. She learns that Alena and Danaya have a different father who was killed by the Hathor long ago. They are attacked by Hathor who mean to kidnap the Queen. The sisters stop them. Imaw threatens Agne, the Hathor leader, and she leaves with her men. After this experience, Amihan realizes she cannot give up the sword and must do as her father taught her.

    The girls grow up into beautiful princesses. Pirena is apart from them because of her attitude. Inang Reyna worries for Amihan because she has grown up to be a sword-bearer like her father. Aquil says Amihan has a point because even sang'gre (royal children) need to learn to fight.

    Butterflies arrive and Inang Reyna interprets this as a sign that the time has come to test her four daughters. They argue among themselves who deserves it, while Aquil advises them to practice instead. Inang Reyna admits to Imaw that she doesn't want Pirena to succeed her because she fears the blood in the girl's veins. Pirena hears her and concludes her mother plays favorites.

  2. - Episode 3.

    Pirena tells Gurna what she heard. She vows to become queen.

    Hagorn tells Agne to prepare their army for the war, which he feels will happen soon. He says there is someone whom he has not seen in a long time. Agne wonders who it is.

    Alena admits to Amihan that she does not want to be queen so she can marry and raise a family. She tells Amihan she will make a better queen than Alena. Amihan says no one knows will be queen, but she will always support her sister.

    Alena goes to the waterfall to bathe. She meets Ybarro the rogue-warrior. She avoids him, but he vows he will have her one day. The other thugs laugh at him.

    The contest begins. The sisters fight a swordsman in white. Alena fails and so does Danaya. Pirena and Amihan fight last that night. Amihan is driven back to a cliff and hangs there. Pirena pushes her off to get rid of her rival.

  3. grabe tinal bugan ang abs-cbn the best talaga nag gma this is the start of the down full of abs drama tignanyo hindi nag tagal ang spirits dba the best ang encantadia una palang maganda na the best keep up the good work gma salamat mai movie na silang mark at jen

  4. grabe wla talagang laban ang abs-cbn khit n anong gawin nila wala pa ding epekto.....mahina talaga sila kung ano-ano ang tinatapat nila pero walang kwenta lahat.di sila marunong mag-isip ng magandang ideya di tulad ng GMA.Grabe para sa akin number 1 pa din ang GMA always and forever

  5. ang kakapal ng mga face nio sobrng yabang nang gma porket matataas lng ang ratings nila pls. wag naman kayong masyadong mayabang!

  6. Haayy...grabe nman..di nyo nman klangang mag away tungkol sa mga gusto nyong channels...sana lang tangkilikin na lang ntin yung gawa ntin db? and di nman magkaaway ang 2 and 7 e,,parehas na lang ntin silang panoorin...
    by the way,ang ganda na ng takbo ng story ng encantadia...super fanatic talaga me nito kasi maganda(wala akong sinabing di maganda yung sa kabila) hanggat makakaya ko pareho ko silang pinapanood kasi pareho namang magaganda ang mga palabas nila kasi pinag hirapan talaganila ito...ty

  7. both did their best naman e ^^ they both have good shows.. only, gma tlga ang nakagawa ng very very kakaiba na fantaserye..(my opinion and others..) pwde pang-worldwide.. nyahaha.. na-shock talaga ako sa s. effects(WOW in a good way!)

  8. Dati gusto ko ung Kuba kaya lang nitong june lang i've learned to watch encantadia.. grabe, ganun pla xa kaganda... para tuloy gus2 ko na nang 7.. amihan ilove u!

  9. encantadia panalo! tuping tupi ung kuba.. kuba na nga lalo pang kumuba ung rating ata ^^ nakooowwww. ferdie antonio

  10. for me grabeh to the highest level talaga ang encantadia. Imagine the effects and the plot of the story very fantastic talaga. Lalo na si danaya she's so sexy. Thumbs up talaga ako sa writer/s and also to all the crew and the staff. Very amazing. Basta lahat maganda, the location di mo talaga akalaing nasa bodega ka lang. Tlagang makatotohanan. About that kuba kuba nilang sinasabi no comment me dun kc naririnig ko lang sya and I dont want to spare a time to watch it kasi 4 me encantadia is the best.